View Full Version : Which LED's should I get?

08-14-2014, 05:52 AM
So we haven't worked on the DIY's in more than two years, so I'm closing the curtain on those, and just buying units. I was thinking 3 for my 150g. And it needs to be cooperative with an Apex (saving up to get the Jr and just got a job at King Supers so it's getting closer) Anyone have recommendations?



08-14-2014, 07:42 AM
What about the apex does it need to have function wise? Most of the high end leds or even mid grade have their own programmable controllers etc.

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08-14-2014, 08:04 AM

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08-14-2014, 08:19 AM
I would say radion as well with a reef link. Although the new hydra 52s are nice and ai director works well.

08-14-2014, 09:42 AM
Ok. Anything that could be on the cheapish factor? I just want to control time and limit the LEDs.

08-14-2014, 09:51 AM
The time is easy with an apex its outlet on or off. The dimming is the issue that raises the cost. Contact 89Delta and see what he recommends. He is working on getting my $90 dollar led units retrofit with the ever grow touchscreen s controller to work. It has timer and full control, dusk to dawn, cloud cover etc on it. Same controller that's on the new evo and reef breeder units.

08-14-2014, 09:56 AM
Ok will do