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10-26-2013, 09:27 PM
I have had a big Hawaiian feather duster for 6 months now it is one of my favorite and no issues till tonight. I noticed it appears to have shed its crown I was a little dismayed and worried so I did some searching for info. what is out there is vague and somewhat contradictory.

All I have found so far is there are three causes for this to happen

Poor water quality ( everything is in acceptable limits see below)

Something in the tank has been picking on it ( the only thing new is a yellow tang 2 weeks ago)

Spawning - I've read so articles that say they will shed there crown when spawning to prevent inadvertently consuming there young. I have only the one and haven't seen any sign of spawning

Could it be the tang? The only fish I found that is bad with them is butterfly. I have never seen the tang go near it. It spends most of its time cowering in a cave. I did do a rather large water chance a couple days ago but new water matched old water parameters very well.

Current parameters

Salt 1.025
Ph 8.3 day 8.1 night
Calcium 420
Mag 1550
Alk 7-8
Nitrate, nitrite and phosphate undetectable
Ammonia 0

I feed a little phyto- feast every other day mainly for the feather duster and other filter feeders have plans in future to grow my own phyto just not there yet

Has anyone dealt with this before. I'm i just over worrying?

I do have a 6 gallon nano that's been running for a couple of weeks with new cured rock and small clean up crew and some green button polyps. should I move it into that? Will it survive in something that small? This is my first nano adventure the buttons are doing great even better the when the were in the main tank. But I'm still learning what I can do with it.

Any help would be great thank you

10-26-2013, 09:55 PM
i have had them in the past they do drop them from time to time and will regrow them as long as everything else is good. they will drop them due to the feathers are old and damaged and when some thing attacks them it should regrow back.