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10-18-2013, 10:53 PM
Hey Guys:

After the disaster last year from the fire and the loss of most of our tank, we sold it and decided to take a break, but I'm back now. Just started a new reef tank and am easing back into the hobby. Working on cycling the tank now. Hope to see you guys around.


10-18-2013, 11:57 PM
Welcome back Keri

10-19-2013, 07:21 AM
Woo Hoo! Welcome back!!!

10-19-2013, 08:15 AM
Welcome back Keri. As you can see, the demographics have changed but there are a few of us old timers still around!!!

10-19-2013, 11:20 AM
Welcome back Keri, hop you can make it to the upcoming meeting and looking forward to seeing your new build.

10-19-2013, 12:31 PM
Welcome Back Keri. Best of luck with your new system.