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09-12-2013, 10:43 PM
I guess I skipped this part and just went right to asking for advice :icon_razz:

Well my name is Levi and I moved to Colorado Springs about 3 years ago now. I left Ohio and had just started a 65g FOWLR tank about a year prior. Anyways I moved out here and waited till about a year ago and found a great deal on CL. I convinced my gf at the time (now wife) to come check out the tank with me and help me move it if I decided to buy it. I walked into JJ's house and was in awe at his setup. He was right in the middle of moving tanks around to make room for a new super large tank. He gave me an amazing deal (that I didn't realize how good of a deal he gave me until I started pricing out everything that I got, thanks JJ btw) and set me on my adventure to eventually upgrading to a 155g. We had the tank that we bought off of JJ for about 6 months before I wanted something bigger and better and found a 48"x24"x31" 155g that I had to reseal and drill the back to install a coast to coast overflow in. I learned my lesson in tank depth and light penetration and ended up selling the entire setup before our move to north CS. I took a huge loss but it taught me that it is better to buy what you want and set it up after much research instead of the idea that "bigger is always better" and using the "wing it" method to figure out the rest of the equipment needed.

Anyways I setup my account last year basically to see photos of others diy projects and tank setups and never really used it until now.

09-13-2013, 05:31 AM
Welcome, even though you have been stalking for a year ;-) Would love to see pix of your set up, even the ones you got rid of.