View Full Version : Spectrum help 40b project

03-25-2012, 12:12 AM
Getting close to having all the parts for my breeder tank. This is intended to be a grow out tank for smaller corals, but not a frag tank. I would like it to look good.

So for lighting I havent tried using different spectrum combinations and googling tank pics isnt helping me much to decide.

Planning on using 4 65w PC and one 250w deMH pendant in the middle.
I mocked up my canopy and everything fits nicely, but I plan on replacing all bulbs before I put any corals in there.
Phoenix 15k for the halide was an easy choice its beautiful. For the PC
there are so many options Im having a hard time choosing.
After reading the 65k discussion posted below I looked at some growth threads using those lights and the growth is pretty amazing. But I dont want brown corals.
Since I have 4 bulbs plus the MH is there any combination I can do to include the 65k for growth and add extra blue.

I was thinking of this set up, please critique I want the lighting on this too look as good as possible with the gear I have
MH- 15k Pheonix
2 65w 50/50 10k/420
2 65k Butt ugly lights

Was gonna put the 65k closest to the center on either side of the pendant. and the 50/50s on the outer edges.

I considered using the 50/50s that are 420/450nm instead of the 10k split ones but Im worried about it being too blue. Im going for a crisp blue/white.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Aside from recommendations to go led :) I have one led tank already and am gonna
see what the difference in growth and color is like.